French leader in stretch wrapping machines and pallet wrapping process

ATECMAA PACKAGING is the French leader in the design and manufacture of pallet wrapping systems, with more than 10,000 machines installed in France.


Since 1985, this activity developed within the Rassinoux Group has its own Research & Development department.  This department has developed many innovative patents, including the electromagnetic roll brake, the automatic film cutting at the end of the cycle, developments dedicated to the mobility of equipment and their transport... ATECMAA PACKAGING is an activity of the Rassinoux Group which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, and which has created its reputation on a policy of reliability and quality of its productions.





The GX Series

These turntable wrappers use a very advanced and reliable technology. Their simplicity of use is characterized by intuitive controls with touch settings and a lockable control panel to guarantee the desired settings. They also offer a remarkable return on investment thanks to their saving on consumables and their wrapping technique. The logistics of these wrappers are optimized for export, with a main column designed in such a way that it folds onto the table with all the connections to facilitate its transport and installation.


The MX Series

With a so-called rotating arm technology, these wrappers are remarkable for their productive capacity. They also require minimum space with a dimension of 2.5m x 2.5m (8 ft 2 x 8 ft 2) The goods pallet remains on the ground and the rotating arm wraps the pallet at a speed of up to 15 rpm. This entire series uses an exclusive ACS active safety process. These machines are scalable to constitute end-of-line wrapping lines.




The TX Series

This series includes a complete range of chain conveyors and roller conveyors, with automated drive or a gravity mechanism. ATECMAA PACKAGING designs and manufactures complete conveyor lines. Its offer includes tailor-made manufactures.


The LX Series

Designer and manufacturer of automated order-preparation line ends integrating pallet wrapping processes, ATECMAA PACKAGING now equips many industrial sites in pharmaceutics, food industry, cosmetics, mass distribution, industry and logistics among others. This offer is exclusively tailor-made.